About Us


FİKRET BALIKÇILIK LTD. has been acting in the fishing industry since 1986. Fikret Balıkçılık which has put Customer satisfaction is always in the foreground focused on providing the best service to all domestic and overseas clients without compromising the quality of products.  We have been supplying all kinds of fresh and frozen fishery products without breaking the cold chain according to requests & expectations of our valued customers. We give service to our customers by our products which have best quality and safe for human health in maximum hygiene conditions with all of our team mates.


Our company is arbiter in its sector by fresh and frozen products which have imported and purchased from domestic market.


Fikret Balıkçılık serves as wholesaler to hypermarkets, restaurants, hotels and catering food industries and as a retailer at Bursa Ihsaniye store with its entire product portfolio.